Shaun, i2c

I’m Shaun, an associate based at i2c’s Melbourne Architectural studio.

I tried the Rise & Recharge app for a few days but I must admit, I got snowed under at work and I hope to come back to it shortly.

I’m an active person and I exercise every day whether it’s boxing, swimming, playing squash or just going to the gym. On weekends or holidays I can usually be found going for runs, cycling or chasing after my young son.

I was under the impression that exercising regularly was enough to make me less susceptible to diseases like heart disease and diabetes. I didn’t realise that sitting for too long puts me at risk of these types of diseases even if I exercise regularly. I mean, you wouldn’t think a few steps during the day could actually protect you from something like diabetes.

I like to think I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle but I will definitely need to rethink my sitting habits at work!

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